About Us

VietValues®  is a recognised leader in providing advisory services to foreign investors, SOEs, healthcare systems, Government Foreign Investment Authority and financial intermediaries throughout Vietnam.

VietValues®  was established in 2007 with its headquaters in HCM City. We are specialized in offering valuations, investment advisory, and investment promotion services to foreign investors, organizations, government agencies and enterprises. We help our clients on challenges and capitalize on opportunities by offering knowledge and insights into a wide range of operational, market intellegence and regulatory issues hitting the industry today. We offer customized, effective solutions that match our clients' needs through a combination of analytical industry expertise. Since our inception into the industry, we have worked on numerous projects across Vietnam, either on behalf of our growing portfolio of corporate clients or as strategic advisor to governmental organizations.

At the heart of our business is a diverse team of specialist advisers, each with a unique knowledge base within their specific area. Throughout every project, we put the interests and needs of our clients, first. As fiduciaries, we hold our clients' personal matters in the utmost confidence. We have policies and practices in place to protect their privacy and also to protect the security and confidentiality of the financial transactions they entrust to us.